Make your own phishing campaign using office macro and Powershell as simple dropper


Phishing is a common attack characterized by simplicity and effectiveness; phishing emails are used to drop malware, cryptolocker, steal credentials… and they are successfull just because Dave. I suggest reading this page to understand “the existing forms of phishing attacks and the currently available mitigations“.

Companies – hopefully – train their employees with internal phishing campaigns; in this post I show how we can build a simple office document that – once opened – sends information to an external server. We can use the document – along with Gophish or other tools – to build our own phishing campaign and test our organization exposure to phishing, teaching people and rising awareness.

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Follow and be notified of any twitter thread reply – a python twitter scraper

I use twitter to follow a lot of good feeds but often I need to follow twitter threads for new replies to have a fast and complete view of complex threads even if I’m not cited or the tweet owner.

I did some search and found a python script from @edu on github that was a good starting point. I learned that twitter API doesn’t allow to get all the replies to a tweet but can be used to search for replies to a given tweet and replies to any reply as well. Good.

So starting from @edu code I wrote Twitter Scraper, a project – made of 2 scripts

  • to get a complete list of twitter threads replies so you can have a fast and complete view of complex threads even if you are not the owner or you are not cited in all the tweet branches [video]
  • to check and be notified about new twitter threads replies [video]

The project page details the usage and configuration of both scripts with examples (command line and video), so jump and test 🙂


Raspberry Pi + Pi-hole: a perfect combo

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ from The Pi Hut
Raspberry Pi 3 B+ from The Pi Hut

In our SOC we use Pi-hole to block network ad-serving domains. Benefits of Pi-hole are highlited on their web site

  • Since ads are blocked before they are downloaded, your network will perform better
  • Network-level blocking allows you to block ads in non-traditional places such as mobile apps and smart TVs, regardless of hardware or OS

Pi-hole works on Linux systems and for home usage is common to install it on a Raspberry Pi device.

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Enable Telegram and WhatsApp web sites behind a proxy

telegram and whatsapp
telegram and whatsapp

In this post I just show what domains you need to enable to authorize access to  telegram and whatsapp web sites behind your corporate proxy. This is useful when you need to allow – like me – just a subset of your users to access it.

Allow following Telegram domains on your proxy


Allow following WhatsApp domains on your proxy

  • w[0-9] (from w0 to w9)

MineMeld: threat intelligence automation – connect to STIX/TAXII service [5]

This post is the fifth of a series on Threat Intelligence Automation topic.
Post 1: Architecture and Hardening of MineMeld
Post 2: Foundation: write a custom prototype and SOC integration
Post 3: Export internal IoC to the community
Post 4: Search IoC events with SPLUNK

Long time since my last post. I was very busy creating Cyber Saiyan – a non-profit organization – and organizing RomHack 2018, a free cyber security event that will take place in Rome next September 22th.

On the field of threat intelligence automation and info sharing community building, the work continued too.

I’m working hard with italian community and we setup a STIX/TAXII network using a combination of open source sofware: MISP, OpenTAXII and MineMeld. We are now testing a complex consumer/producer network where companies (producers) can push IoC that, after validation, are injected into the consumer network, a TAXII service built on top of MineMeld.

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Ad Free Blog or why I upgraded from wordpress free plan to paid personal

Personal plan
Personal plan

Today I upgraded my free wordpress istance to the paid personal plan (48€ per years).

Why? Just because some friend sent to me a screenshot of my last blog post displaying at the end of the post some annoying ad. I hate the idea that someone can think that I get revenues from these ads; ads revenues went until today only to WordPress for the free service they offedered to me.

From today scubarda is an ad free blog 🙂 and I registered also domain (included in the plan).



[ITA] Ed il primo BSides Roma è andato!

Sabato 13 Gennaio 2018 sono stato relatore, insieme ad amici e colleghi bravissimi, della prima edizione del BSides Roma con un talk dal titolo “Building an Effective Info Sharing Community“.

L’evento è stato un successo: sala piena e livello dei talk notevole – a parte il mio ovviamente 🙂

Sala piena = Agostino soddisfatto
Sala piena = Agostino soddisfatto

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